Why Intern With HappyHour?

Make an Impact

At HappyHour, you won’t be grabbing morning coffee or filing papers. Your HappyHour internship will give you the opportunity to gain a greater depth of experience and learning than any traditional corporate job could provide. We like to have fun, challenge ourselves, and build some really cool things.
Think you are up for it?


Here's the deal: you need course credits for your co-op program, and we need some extra help getting stuff done. We'll give you an ultra fun and flexible part time learning experience and you'll help us build our startup. You will have a blend of creative freedom and independence mixed with a ton of support and mentorship.

Additionally, we hope our interns will turn into our core team as we grow (with equity/ownership), giving you an exclusive opportunity to
get your foot in on the ground floor. 

Abigail Udvari

“Interning with HappyHour is an incredibly rewarding experience! I am learning at supersonic speeds and we are accomplishing really amazing things in such a short amount of time. The team is unbelievably supportive, and I feel that my journey with HappyHour is just getting started. If you are passionate about travel or technology, I strongly encourage you to come work with HappyHour!”

Our Values

Check out our 15-page culture code or read about our values on our Careers page.

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You Belong With HappyHour

We are looking for passionate and inspired individuals who are ready to move fast, work smart, and adapt quickly. If you get excited about the idea of building a software service that brings travel and technology together, we would love to get to know you! Click below to apply!

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